Meet the Storys

Hannah Story

This is me! I am the author of this blog. My role in this “company”, other than Wife and KittenMama, is Project Manager, although Steve and I jokingly call myself the “sexy secretary” since I keep notes of all our projects (I have the better handwriting). I mostly decide what to make and how and keep detailed records.

Steve Story

Steve is the Brewmaster and the Scientist. He does most of the actual brewing because he can actually understand Chemistry (I’m a soft sciences person) and also really strong and can carry the 6 gallon carboys and brewing buckets. He’s very smart and puts up with me and my cats. I love this man.

Cute and Fluffy Story

AKA Sh*tlist Cat and Muffin, respectively. The brown one is Cute and the gray one is Fluffy. I rescued these two brothers when they were five weeks old and half a pound. They have since…expanded. As you can see, they’re really helpful*

*To my fellow animal rights activists out there, please don’t worry. No cats were harmed or intoxicated in the brewing process

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